Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Natural son lost to adoption

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  1. Please click to see and read the words in my heart sent for you to the son that I got to see once for a couple of minutes holding you,separation of us by the women that took my baby is when I was told harshly to sign those horrible papers that made my life a living Hell,and was never the same-even though you had an older brother 5 yrs.older 9-17-1968 both my September boys.You were planned but people wanted what I had back then (the agency made alot of money) now it's a Multi,Multi,Multi Billion an old law that got out of control and they the agencys took full advantage of the down trodden or poor,so sorry none of this was your fault and they wouldn't let me see the paper and also my tears covered the paper ,seeing was difficult,will always love you ,hope your ok always and everyday to this day I think of you and grandchildren,hopefully-