Saturday, May 14, 2011

My natural son loss to adoption LAWYER September25th1973 w.p.b.,Fl..

.I've never forgotten you,every time I see a smiley face you always pop into my mind of bitter sweet memories,while you were still waiting to be born in a month ,one of my  friends drew a big smiley face on my tummy,it was so cute back then,thats how I rememered so many years of seeing your beautiful face,light blode hair,6 pds.,hgt 19in. You looked right into my eyes when the nun handed you to me ,your eyes looked as if to say I know you,then I kissed your four head and whispered I'll see you again. .I love you,then reluctantly handed you back to the nun,I went looking for you and they put you in the very back somewhere.I wasn't allowed to see you in delivery but yes by the nursery.You were caught not delivered,the nurses were against the wall gossiping when you were ready ,then I screamed the babys going to fall onto the floor,I was devastated by their neglect,the doctor didn't do anything at all.All the nurses did was give you a newborn like bath.No one knows this but me ,they put me in a room with a mother that her baby had just died,the relatives asked me where is your baby,I cried missing you but had to into the pillow.I wouldn't have to be doing any of this because you were planned and I was married,you have an older brother named Michael that wanted you very much.Five year olds are smart very,his birthday is September 17th 1968  ,if you were around I know you two would have the same traits when it came to wanting to learn and talk about new things,very good husband and father.A hard worker,the social worker told me you were one after she said you told her a yes to a contact.Things changed ,so bad,she tried to play with my head to distract me reason-telling me your profession and not a whisper if I had a grand child.She said it was very nice of his parents to send him to law school ,then she added you only wanted a slow contact,she complained that she was sent a fake emeil and told she was a saleswoman,next call tried to play phychitrist so I would get over you faster,at this point of her untruthful distracting behavior,she was at the last as she supposedly sent your med forms,I'm not sure she did that,I hope she did there were a few scary things in the family that can be past on if not caught early ,I sent her two and two letters and photos you'll never get,it will be a miracle if someone reads this page .St Marys Hospital West Palm Beach.,Florida a beautiful Place,sometimes the birthcertificats can be changed which is wrong ,the indutry are connong millions of people both sides,it,s a horrible thing to do these days is to adopt, because of the baby trafficking all over the news and the world internet,even involved with terrorists,so people that want to adopt must now not human babys.All kinds of people that want a mothers baby will get one moey or no money ,they cut the babys out of the mothers,in the overseas clinics is like a Hitler camp for mothers usually white mothers.Please look at the news and the internet under facebook,say somehow who you are we just had a hacker,I caught the virus,use caution only click my profile , home pages incuding notes,we can chat online if you like ,you decide,Do wish you would decide soon and forget at least for a couple of seconds I am your natural mother only to give and add love not take away.This letter is private ok ,no body but you and or wife can be involved.My whole life would be made by your welcome!!!! contact ,not a bad one like I have read about,what I did I had no choice no help back then for me ,no programs,actually I thought this place was going to help me ,it was creepy old dirty streets ,not far from St marys Hospital,,after the women spoke I was a nervous wreck and all I got was be at the hospital when it was time.they helped me let them take you,how is that I think about how they twist words and make one believe things just like the social worker did,if you try and reach her beware she is sly as a fox,her voice shook when she spoke of you,I am sorry you automatically lost your identiy and your heritage.I am signing petions anywhere they are to make life easier ,why hide the sealed records when mothers find or know that their children are grown and at a legal age to be found,it never should have been making mothers and children to loose all these rights when neither has committed a crime ,the law is so outdated it should ve been thrown out the day before creation of the evil thing that hurt so many people,when the congress and the head passes the bill all over the us to include freedom to all information hidden from their child so many hurtful pain and suffering ,I have heard of lawsuits but this one would be the biggest.The industry would go broke,thays where the whole thing started mans greed and man made laws.I am not in any way looking at you as I said none of this is your fault sweet grown up 2nd son that chose a profession of justice,I always loved law but a car hit my sis and me as a teen and hurt a part of my brain that can't figure math ! ! Weird Well I hope you can reply soon here are two private numbers I,ll give you one 386-626--9157or 386-559-2917 these are my neighbors phones,I'll know by the recording if it is you and not someone else.this was the only way to give a number out because of crazies and solitors ,she good part is they can travel and I get a ring and recording ,her huband knows alot about about how to do this technical way just for you for when I am contacted . Hazel arline Kleingarn was the married name I had when you were born.I hope I have given you the  information,you need for now,as there is wat more to our lives,Please CONTACT ME SOON,I am 63 and life is short,people have told you to wait even though your way over 21,you have your own mind ,please don;t redret like so many sons and daughters that waited too late,mothers die all the time,so please don;t wait ,thats only for teens or just turning 21.It's still not good that people say that. I don't want anything ,they claim money whem most ALL mothers only want to see you and how you have grown and we go from there,I'm ready now,hope you are -Please do not yalk to the social worker at the Childrens Home in Jax .,Fla she doesn't want us to have contact,she will probably charge again,not telling you I was already searching as she found you,in my heart I don't believe her and I have NO PROOF you are alive and ok,she made up so many storys I caught her ,she even apoligized ,not a real one so I quit listening to her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           y                                                                              Sincerly, Arline   I send my love to your family,by the way You and wife can have twins ,if you already have them ,theres a story to that,we need to talk ,Please don't fear me I would not hurt you now for anything ,you were planned and loved before you were born (Daniel)? a name out of dozens to go with Michael your older brother that thought I was the best MOM ever  he also wanted to find you ,sorry but he was killed by a truck running him over last xmas2011,I'm still in moarning,I've cried enough to be dehyrated for life,the only cure is seeing you but Michael is the whole in my heart I'll never get over,can you see how I feel when they took you away,so empty.